(13WHAM)Canandaigua, N.Y.-- A judge ruled Thursday that a jury will view a tape of Rose Chase being investigated in December after her husband Adam’s death.

In the 2.5 hour video tape played in the courtroom, Rose told investigators how her husband died, and what she did with his body.

On tape , she says she pushed him down the stairs.

Afterwards, she told investigators she kept his body in the basement anywhere from six to eight weeks.

Then, she very calmly said how she dismembered her husband’s body, before transporting the body parts to her mother’s house while her toddler-aged son was in the car.

Adam was considered a missing person from June until December 2012 when his remains were discovered at the home of Rose’s mother.

The videotape played in court Thursday will be played for the Rose’s murder trial, which begins in October.