Let's kick off the week right . . . by giving you a bunch of stuff to worry about that you never even considered before.


1.  In seven years, half of us will have cancer.  According to a new study, by the year 2020 . . . which is only seven years away . . . HALF of all people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives.  One third of people will survive it.  (The Guardian)

2.  Your bra is causing indigestion?  By now, you've probably heard that most women wear bras that don't fit them properly.

Well . . . by doing that, it turns out your bra can cause rashes, tendonitis, or even INDIGESTION from screwing up your posture.  (Daily Mail)


3.  A kid drowning doesn't look like he's drowning.  When you think of a kid drowning, you think of yelling and flailing arms and panic.  That's NOT true.  A new article has the REAL signs of someone drowning.

Turns out they can't call for help because their respiratory system is struggling AND they can't wave their arms.  The big signs would be their head low in the water, tilted back, with their eyes closed, possibly hyperventilating.  (Slate)