Earlier this month, the men's basketball coach at Bishop McGuinness high school outside Greensboro, North Carolina wanted to motivate his players for an upcoming game against their rival.

So he had each player dedicate the game to someone who'd inspired them.  And one 17-year-old player named Spencer Wilson decided to dedicate his performance to his friend Josh Rominger.

Spencer and Josh were both diagnosed with CANCER several years ago, and Spencer beat his.  But sadly, Josh passed away about nine months ago.  And Spencer says he still thinks about him every day.

Well, the game was January 17th, and Spencer's team was losing 82 to 81 with just over two seconds left.  Then a player on the opposing team intentionally missed a free throw so Spencer's team would have to rebound AND shoot before the clock expired.

Luckily, they DID get the rebound, and Spencer ended up with the ball . . . threw up a prayer from about 50 feet . . . and it somehow WENT IN, winning the game 84 to 82.