What Would You Do? [Video] Witness Report Child Abuse At Zoo, Justice Is Served ...

Screenshot via KGW news video below

 Witnesses at the Portland Zoo called authorities when they witnessed a mother violently abuse her little daughter. I think they did the right thing. After police were looking for the woman, they found her.


'Officers were called to the zoo at 3:40 p.m. Tuesday. A witness said she saw a woman in her mid-20s yelling profanities at a girl, likely around 3 years old.

The witness told police the woman kicked the child in the side, knocking her to the ground. The little girl ran toward a bench crying and the witness said the woman followed and slapped the girl on the side of her head, knocking the child to the ground again.

The witness said she confronted the woman, who replied with obscenities and then headed toward the exit.

On Friday, Portland Police child abuse investigators said they identified the woman and child involved in the incident. However, officers are not releasing the woman's name and she is not yet facing charges.

The Canby Police Department, Oregon Department of Human Services and the Clackamas County Child Protective Service all assisted in the investigation.

The case now rests with the Department of Human Services. Police said they received numerous tips from the community in this case.'


I know it's awkward to see parents discipline their kids in public, but there is a limit. I would no DOUBT report something like this. I would probably approach the woman. What would you do?




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