Lindsay Lohan says she suffered a miscarriage during the taping of her reality show for OWN.  She dropped this bombshell during the final episode of the show, which aired last night.  She did not identify the father of the child.

Another Hollywood couple bites the dust...Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are breaking up.  Apparently Nicole is fed up with Keith's excessive flirting with other women, and the fact that she took the second half of the year off to be with him, and he instead extended his tour schedule for once American Idol wraps.

Even though people demanded that Justin Bieber be sent back to Canada, and there was even a petition going around, the White House has decided he WON'T be deported, as his crimes were pretty trivial.

And Gwen Stefani is making some pretty good money off Christina Aguilera getting knocked up...she's going to be a judge on the upcoming 7th season of The Voice, which starts taping in June.  Her deal is for one season right now, and Christina has supposedly already signed on to rotate back for Season 8.