Heartbreak: The massive tornado flattened thousands of residents' homes when it roared through the Oklahoma City suburb on Monday

Five missing Oklahoma tornado victims have been found alive it was revealed today, ending their families' heartbreak and giving other residents of Moore some much-needed good news as they begin to rebuild their lives.

The happy development, however, comes as authorities release the names of all 24 people killed in the terrifying twister that barreled through the heavily-populated suburb of Oklahoma City on Monday, with Rick Jones, 54, William Sass, 63, Gina Stromski, 51, Randy Smith, 39, Leslie Johnson, 46, and Richard Brown, 41, the latest victims to be identified.

As of Wednesday morning, six people were still unaccounted for after the monstrous storm but Moore Mayor Glenn Lewis delivered the heartwarming news this afternoon that five of them have been found safe. However, he also revealed that one of those reported missing didn't survive the carnage.

It's unclear whether that person, whose body was located at the Medical Examiner's Office, is among the 24 deaths reported as their name has not been released. The lucky people who were found alive have also not been identified, though one is believed to be 10-year-old Plaza Towers Elementary student Aubrey Crook.

Earlier on Wednesday, 10 children aged between four months and nine years, and 14 adults aged between 29 and 65 have now been identified as the victims of Monday's tornado as the desperate search for those among the rubble came to a close and residents and volunteers began the long and difficult work of recovery.

'We are, we hope, in the recovery stages now,' Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin told CNN. 'It's going to take a while to get through all this, and we certainly are making a plan to move by stages.'

On Wednesday morning, officials released names of 16 of the 24 people killed by the monster storm, adding that one person has yet to be positively identified and eight names were being withheld until their families are notified of the deaths.

They named Megan Futrell, 29, and her five-month-old baby, Case Futrell, who were killed in an obliterated 7-Eleven store. Four-year-old Karrina Varygas and her baby sister Sydnee Vargyas, who was seven months, were also killed by blunt force trauma injuries when their house was ripped apart.

Victims of the tragedy:

Tragic: Christopher Legg, pictured left and right, died at Plaza Towers Elementary School

Six-year-old Christopher Legg, was tragically killed when the tornado struck Plaza Towers Elementary School on Monday

Together: Leslie Johnson, 46, left, was killed with his fiance Tewauna Robinson, 45, pictured right

Leslie Johnson, 46, pictured with fiance Tewauna Robinson, 45, was also killed


Megan Futrell, 29, died at a 7-Eleven with her baby and she leaves behind two other children

Kyle Davis

Kyle Davis died at his elementary school

Victims: Hermant Bhonde, 65, left, was killed while a young mother, Megan Futrell, 29, died at a 7-Eleven with her baby. She leaves behind a son, pictured

Hermant Bhonde, 65

Janae Hornsby,

Nine-year-old Janae Hornsby was killed by the tornado at her elementary school in Moore

Sydney Angle

Nicholas McCabe

Eight year olds Sydney Angle and Nicholas McCabe died at their elementary school from mechanical asphyxiation

Tawauna Robinson

Tewauna Robinson, 45, also lost her life after the tornado hit her home close to the elementary school, her family said

Left behind: Shannon Quick, 40 (right), was killed in the tornado and her eldest son, 13-year-old Tanner (left), was injured. She leaves behind her husband and another son, 8

Shannon Quick, 40 (right), was killed in the tornado and her eldest son, 13-year-old Tanner (left), was injured. She leaves behind her husband and another son, 8

And, a little happiness in the midst of tragedy: