Gas station employee quits (© peaceman582 via Reddit)

Take this job and, well, you know what to do with it, boss man. We’ve all worked jobs we hated, be the cause despicable bosses, crappy pay or soul-sucking, mind-numbing work. With that kind of gig, the best part of the whole experience is quitting. And we don't mean giving two weeks of notice, then eating grocery-store cake and exchanging insipid small-talk with people you hate and will never see again. No, siree. This is the time to stretch those creative muscles and tell your coworkers (and the world) that you are finito, bouncing, riding the optimism wave to a happier place called "anywhere but here." Not sure just how to quit creatively? Check out these photos for inspiration.

Employee quits her job via dry erase board (© Elyse Porterfield via theCHIVE)

Still from ‘Bikini Girl Inspired Me to Quit’ video (© nalts via YouTube)

Restaurant employee quits (© pirarchy via Reddit)

Apple employee quits (© thekitchenfloor via Reddit)

‘Mike has quit’ refrigerator note (© SnowHawkMike via Reddit)

‘I quit’ note (© c00kiecucc0 via Reddit)

‘Buh-bye now’ cake (© ladutz777 via gramfeed)

Taco Bell employee quits (MyLittleBrony66 via Reddit)

Still from ‘My Manager Quits’ video (© jo low via YouTube)

Andrew, the ‘ex-employee,’ resignation note (griffen7 via

‘Too much testicular velocity for this job’ resignation note (Via

Employee quits using a billboard (© Thatguy89 via Reddit)

Brookstone employee quits (© Awkwardry via Reddit)

‘Good luck’ resignation letter (© Maddihoe via Reddit)