Friday night Faiport bar owner Damian Mulconry took his beautiful wife Dr. Marcy Mulconry to New York to celebrate her putting up with him on their 10th anniversary.

While in the Big Apple, the Mulconrys were invited to "The Tonight Show" on NBC.  Damian ended up on set with the star of the top rated talk show Jimmy Fallon.  Here is the special moment for our Fairport barkeep at Jimmy's desk on stage.

NBC has launched an investigation into the security breach allowing Mr. Mulconry to get so close to their valuable TV host.  Damian meanwhile continues to entertain at Mulconrys Irish Pub on Lift Bridge Lane in Fairport.

By the way, doesn't it appear strange how much Damian looks like CBS "Late Show" host Craig Ferguson?  Odd coincidence, or a plot by CBS to get close to Jimmy Fallon?