If you, like me and thousands of other people from our area, were entertained, amazed and delighted by the skills of the US Air Force Thunderbirds in our sky this past weekend, brace yourself and take a deep breath before reading below.

This is the copy of a letter to the editor published in the Democrat & Chronicle from a person named David Pell.  My thoughts after his rambling letter:

 If you want to be entertained, watch a flock of sparrows, pigeons or sea gulls effortlessly perform “aerial acrobatics” impossible for the Thunderbird pilots.

Birds don’t poison the land or maim, incinerate or blow up innocent civilian adults and children the way the United States Air Force did in Southeast Asia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In “An Opinion on Hiroshima” (America, 1947), Edgar Smothers wrote: “In destruction of non-military life by aerial bombing, we Americans are surpassed by none.”

Some people call the noise of U.S. warplanes “the sound of freedom.” For the Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, Iraqis and Afghans whose children were maimed and killed by the U.S. Air Force, the sound of American bombers is the sound of horror, destruction and death.

It’s an abomination to be entertained by the aerial acrobatics of the Thunderbirds.



Pete Kennedy response:

Speaking as the son of a Marine who survived being shot and being awarded the Purple Heart in a bloody battle in WWII, and as a nephew of an uncle who was a bomber pilot before becoming a highly respected NYS Supreme Court Justice, I respect the rights of others to express their opinions, even if it is garbage.

And isn't it great there are veterans like my dad and uncle who fought for that right known as freedom of speech?  Even if some idiot probably sits in his underwear in his basement writing to a newspaper while others fight and die for that right.  Now that's a REAL abomination!

God bless our troops,




(letter/Democrat & Chronicle.com/August 19,2014)