At midnight, the U.S. federal government shutdown.  Our "genius" representatives in Congress act like a bunch of little kids fighting over toys at the playground.  They all deserve a spanking (not the kind that former Congressman Anthony Weiner likes).  But what does the governmental shutdown really mean to you and me?  We're both at work, kids are at school, cops and soldiers are still protecting us, the post office is open and most real people go about our everyday lives.  The power is still on, your computer and radio are still working and the sky is blue today. The sky is not falling , like some in Washington would want us to believe.  I love when politicians create crisis, just so they can make the other side look bad.  They all end up looking like spoiled brats.  Here's an idea...let's kick the bums out!  Fire 'em all since they can't do their job.  Have you noticed that Congress will still get paid while regular everyday federal workers who have been furloughed don't?  But I'm sure that those workers caught up in this little spat will get back pay when they do return to their mundane jobs, which means they will have received time off and still get paid.  Nice life, huh? So, if you are one of the unfortunate federal employees caught up in this mess, enjoy your time off and hopefully it all gets sorted out quickly.  As for the rest of us, we go on with our normal lives while Washington burns again.  I hope no gas is being wasted on the Presidential bus while this nonsense plays out.