Barbara Pierce BushA man from Pittsford was arrested Friday for making threats against former President George W. Bush, and declaring his love for GWB's daughter Barbara!

Reuters reports 44-year-old Benjamin Smith of Pittsford was arrested in New York City.  Reportedly Smith screamed "Bush will get his" when he was taken into custody.  He also told agents that he was divorced and "working on a relationship with Barbara Bush", one of the 43rd President's twin daughters.  Apparently this was news to the 32-year-old Bush.

This bizarre story started when Smith's mother found a threatening note in the home they share.  It's always great when a 44-year-old man in Pittsford is still living at home with his mom.  He must have been saving up to buy a dream mansion for his "dream girl" Ms. Bush.

When Mr. Smith was arrested by Secret Service agents, a loaded rifle, machete and a container of gas was found in his car.  He is now in custody, which probably is a set back for his dating life with Ms. Bush!

(photo from twitter)