With the news this past Wed. from Georgia that a wacko took four firefighters hostage just outside of Atlanta (thankfully he was the only one who died after being shot by the SWAT team), it re-opened painful memories of the horrible Christmas Eve morning on Lake Rd. in Webster.  This Monday many will gather at that spot at 185 Lake Rd. to dedicate a sign in memory of Lt. Mike Chiapperini and Tomasz Kaczowka of the West Webster Fire Dept.  Their sacrifice will never be forgotten and this is just a small way to carry on their memory.  The Badge of Honor Association will gather with the WWFD, WPD and many from our community at 11am Mon. along the road that seperates the shoreline of Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay.  God bless the memories of "Chip" and Tomas, their families and God bless all of our first responders and troops.