You may want to sit down for the shocking word from Toronto that embattled Mayor and sideshow Rob Ford is seeking treatment for "substance abuse".  Duh.

Mayor Ford Wednesday night officially took a leave of absence from his post after a new video popped up allegedly showing our Canadian hero smoking crack this weekend in the basement of his sister's house.  How a camera made it to the bottom of her home (and his career) is anyone's guess.  But seriously: where can you escape from a camera nowadays?  Apparently not in the basement of your siblings place. 

I have had friends and family suffer from alcohol and drug issues in the past, and we can only wish the best for Mr. Ford in his quest to better himself and free himself from evil influences.  It can be said that it's too bad he didn't seek help earlier, but that can be said for many people, can't it? 

This may be the tragic end of his career (he's facing re-election in October) but let's hope it is a new start for a healthier future for our favorite international politician.

Image from The Globe and Mail