USP Olympics_ Figure Skating-Team Ice Dance ShortUSP Olympics_ Figure Skating-Team Ice Dance ShortNotice how most of America never really cares about figure skating until every 4 years it shows up at the Olympics?  And somehow scandal is always involved!

Remember the names Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding? Yes, they were figure skaters and they became infamous with Ms. Kerrigan crying "why me?" on NBC after being struck in the knee by a pipe-wielding goon, thus knocking her out of medal contention.

Now, a French magazine L'Equipe is reporting there's a deal between judges from the USA and Russia to boost the Russian skaters to gold at the expense of the Canadian figure skaters.  After Saturday night's opening skating, Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White were in first place while the Canadian team (Virtue and Moir, pictured above) was in second.  Supposedly, the judges will keep the USA skaters in first long enough to boost points for the Russian skaters, who then will eventually skate up in the standings to steal the gold medal from Canada. 

Here it is Monday, and look how it turned ut: Russia wins the gold, Canada the silver, USA the bronze.  Hmmmmm...funny how that turned out, eh? And Russian dictator....oops, I mean President Putin was there to cheer on the winning ruskies.  Seems interesting that the USA would team up with a country who we have frosty relations with (Russia) as to damage our ally (Canada).  Almost as predicted at the beginning of the weekend.  I'm not into conspiracy thinking, but I'm just sayin'......

Do you have Olympic fever now?

(photo/USA Today Sports)