DAFT-PUNK_-IN-WHITE_-PHARRELL-WILLIAMHow embarrassing would it have been when I showed up wearing the exact outfit as Daft Punk?  Luckily I was stationed on my couch and couldn't make it to LA for the 56th annual Grammy awards Sunday.  

The french know how to dress, don't they?  Daft Punk scored the Record of the year for "Get Lucky", along with other awards including Album of the year.  All while weaing various helmets, black early in the show looking like strange bikers, later going to this more subdued white helmet which could either be confused with a robot or an astronaut. 

It's an eclectic group in the picture above. To the left of Daft is Pharrell Williams, who walked off with a pile of gold statues while dressed in a brown cowboy hat that made him look like a forest ranger or Smokey the Bear.  And speaking of Smokey, check the look on the face of Motown recording legend Smokey Robinson who awarded the Record of the year Grammy.  His look at Daft Punk is priceless, one of bizarre amazement or fear. 

Other great moments from the show:

>> Jay Z's speech, when he told his daughter Blue Ivy that "daddy was bringing home a big gold sippy cup".

>> Ozzy Osbourne incoherently rambling while trying to introduce Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr on stage.  Even Ozzy's bandmates from Black Sabbath were laughing at his mumbling.

>> Stevie Wonder joining Daft Punk for a great performance of "Get Lucky", and Sara Bareilles mixing her hit "Brave" into a duo with legend Carole King.  And a curly-short-haired Beyonce and her hubby Jay Z steamed up the opening number seductively.

>> No sighting of Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber.  In fact, Robin Thicke's live version of "Blurred Lines" was much better when performed with Chicago. 

Bizarre but interesting moments from:

>> Steven Tyler, shown in the audience with some cheerleader-like dance moves to "Get Lucky"

>> Metallica, breaking out their legendary anthem "One" accompanied by classical pianist Long Long.

>> Madonna, wearing an all white cowboy outfit (including over-sized hat) singing "Open your Heart" as 33 mixed couples were married by Queen Latifah. 

>> And Daft Punk, who never showed their faces or uttered a word while winning their awards in those strange Bristol Mountain ready helmets.  Are they in the witness protection program?

Overall, a good show led by a very comfortable LL Cool J as host.  Keep an eye for dudes dressed like Daft Punk wandering aimlessly around town now...