The latest TV ratings show what many have believed: American Idol is far past it's peak while The Voice is building solid momentum.  Last week, The Voice was the 7th most popular show amongst all viewers (Big Bang Theory was #1 )while Idol dropped out of the top 10, falling to number 12 in popularity.  In fact, The Voice has beaten Idol both of the last two weeks since returning to NBC with a refreshed panel of judges.  Many in the media world are speculating why.  Many focus on Idol skewing the talent to the female side, with the final male (Lazaro) kicked off Thur. night leaving 5 women for viewers to vote for.  Idol has shed 10 million viewers since the 2011 season and the fatigue certainly shows.  That's alot of eyes to chase off.  I think the real reason The Voice has taken the lead is because of simple chemistry.  I wasn't that smart at Canandaigua Academy in chem, but here's my theory: compare the judges on the shows.  On The Voice, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton were joined this season by pop star Shakira and R&B star Usher, while Idol added hip hopper Nikki Minaj, superstar Mariah Carey and country singer Keith Urban to join their expert panel with holdover Randy "Dawg" Jackson.  While the judges on The Voice seem to enjoy each other as they rib and heckle back and forth, it's just the opposite between Minaj and Carey who seem to genuinely hate each other. They barely interact.  Which of the two groups of judges would you rather hang with?  It's just like when you go to a party.  Would you rather run with a group of people who bring drama and negativity to the party or a group who have fun and genuinely like to be together?  It seems America agrees with me (that's rare).  Now we'll see if the ratings translate to actual stardom.  The Voice has yet to prop up an actual star performer who has become part of our culture, as compared to American Idol (Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, etc.).  But so far, the results are promising for The Voice as Idol limps along in it's 12th season on Fox.