HAPPY MOTHER DAYS!!!!!  I dedicate this to my sweet mom who I miss everyday since I lost her in 1988.  That was too long ago, but she's in my heart and on my mind everyday of my life.  She was the ultimate mom who spoiled me, my bros and sis and all of my friends.  She was the mom who everybody was drawn to.  She was the director of transportation, the consimate baker and perfect person who never, ever had an enemy in life.  I wish I was more like her.  She certainly never made a fool out of herself in public (I do on a daily basis), was always stylish (me, not so much) and was a friend to all (I try).  When I think of her, I think of words that associate to all mothers in general:

MOM = FIRST (to care)

MOM = LAST (to let you down)

MOM = EVERYTHING (you need)

MOM = LOYAL (to a fault)

MOM = RESPECT (she deserves it)


God bless all moms on this Mother's Day weekend and God bless our troops.