Old School Stuff

Flip phones are apparently making a comeback.  They're more durable than smartphones, and the batteries last longer.  Plus, people are getting sick of being so connected.  Anything else you wish would make a comeback?



3 Things You Need to Know...via Patrick from WHAM 1180

The President says we're wrapping things up in Afghanistan.  Get more info.

A medical marijuana bill passed our state assembly yesterday, making it one step closer to being legal in New York.  Read more here.

Diet soda might actually help you lose more weight.  Get more info.


Julie's Last Name

In case you missed it yesterday, Julie got engaged over the weekend.  She can't wait to marry her fiancé, and wants to take his last name, but is a little sad about having to give up HER name. 




Both Julie and Kristin have had scary experiences, being threatened as a woman. Find out more about #YesAllWomen here.

Women need to protect themselves...Julie's mom used to carry a kubaton for protection.


Wrong Ring, or Wrong Woman?

We got a call this morning from a listener who didn't like the ring her boyfriend proposed with.  You won't believe what she told him:


Date Night - Just for Couples with Kids?

We got this email this morning:

Bill & Julie,

I have a couple of friends who have been dating for a while.  They live together and are pretty serious.  They aren't married, and they don't have any kids.

On Friday, the woman in the relationship posted that they were super excited for "DATE NIGHT" together.  I couldn't help but laugh.  Isn't every night a date night when you don't have kids?

I know Julie doesn't have kids, but do you need to schedule a date night?

I understand that life can get busy and sometimes, even without kids, couples need to set aside some time to focus on each other, but now that we have a kid I realized that I didn't understand what busy was before.  I have heard Bill talk about his kids for years, but had NO idea how much work kids require.  In fact, I realized that the past 11 years we've been together was basically one big date night!

Am I wrong to think this way?  Or should the term "DATE NIGHT" be left specifically for couples with kids?




Julie's Drive Dirt

"Consciously uncoupling" may not be working for Chris Martin.  Read more here.

Frozen is officially the fifth highest grossing movie ever.  Get more info.

A sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding is in the works.  Read more here.

Our first official artist for the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas is Ed Sheeran.  Get more info.