Free The Nipple

Image source: @Scout_Willis on Twitter

Scout Willis is drawing some attention to herself, protesting Instagram's nudity policy by walking topless in NYC.  You can read more about it here.  See Scout's full tweet (which is NSFW) here.  Her protest is totally legal, thanks to some chicks from right here in Rochester.  Remember the Topfree Seven??


How a Spider Spoiled Bill's Afternoon

Image source: Graphic Stock

Julie is deathly afraid of spiders - they've even made her cry before! - but yesterday, a spider ruined Bill's whole afternoon.  Hear the whole story:


3 Things You Need to Know...via Patrick from WHAM 1180

We knew Tom Golisano wanted to buy the Buffalo Bills, but we didn't know who his partner was until yesterday: Scott Congel.  Read more here.

The trial for the man who killed SUNY Brockport student Alexandra Kogut is winding down.  Get details here.

Turns out, America isn't the only fat country - apparently obesity is even worse in some other countries.  Read more here.


Relationship Rescue

Tom called in this morning with a problem with his ex wife, regarding child support.  There isn't any bad blood between them, but he has an issue with paying the money anyway.  Hear the problem, and listeners' advice:


Drunk Guests at Weddings

Both Julie and Scott Brooks are getting married next year - two Drive weddings!!  They celebrated their engagements with LOTS of shots after kickball a few days ago. We asked Scott to come in this morning to chat with Julie about how drunk they want their guests to get at weddings.  Hear what they had to say:


Woman Parking Spaces

This seems to be a bit much - wider, pink parking spaces JUST for women.  Smart, or offensive??  Read more about it here.


Julie's Tan

Look at how tan Julie is!  Nope, she wasn't on vacation, and she didn't go to a tanning booth.  SunSafe Sprays came to HER...she got a spray tan in her living room!!  Take a listen to her experience:

You can see the Before & After pics on Julie's blog - click here.


Julie's Drive Dirt

Brad Pitt got assaulted by a crazy reporter on the red carpet premiere for MaleficentRead more here.

Cameron Dias and Benji Madden are now an item.  Get more info.

Hayden Panettiere is pregnant and expecting her first child with her fiancé.  Read more here.

Stacey Dash, from Clueless, is going to be a contributor for Fox News.  Get more info.

LeVar Burton is leading a Reading Rainbow fundraiser.  Read more here.

Maya Angelou has died at the age of 86.  Get more info.  Here are some of the tweets celebs posted in tribute: