PHOTOS: Camping at Hamlin Beach State Park

Rain didn't stop our camping trip to Hamlin Beach State Park over the weekend! Despite the forecast, we set up camp on Friday night. We used a couple 10x10 canopies and a GIANT tarp to stay dry. 

A few key takeaways from the weekend... 

  • I eat too much ketchup... Cheeseburgers and hot dogs were on the menu Friday and I drenched the burger in condiments. I blame the darkness, my friends blame the alcohol I drank. After my first bite, ketchup and mustard were ALL OVER my shirt. Sloppy. 
  • I'm not good at Scrabble Slam... We played it on Saturday, and I got smoked. It was very clear why I did not score well on the vocabulary section on my SATs. 
  • Always grab pizza logs on a beer run... We took a quick trip Saturday to the Hamlin Crosbys to restock beer, and while waiting in line I couldn't help but grab the pizza logs in the warmer. Best purchase of the weekend. 

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