Dog Reunites With Foster Mom - WATCH

Your feel-good video of the day!!

I love reunion videos, whether it's a soldier coming home to their family from overseas...or a dog being reunited with its owner after a period of time.  This video is the latter!

Here's the quick story - after having a few bad fostering experiences, Katie finally found the perfect pair of pups to provide a loving foster home to, until she could find their forever home.  She knew as soon as she brought Luna home that this pup was special.  After a while, it was time to find Luna a forever home - and Katie did.  But she still misses the cutie pie every day...and a reunion was arranged after six months.  Not only did Luna get to see her siblings, but all the foster moms & dads got to see the dogs for the first time since they were adopted.  You can't NOT get emotional watching this video!!  So sweet.



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