Tide’s New Packaging Design Looks Like A Box of Wine

Just as the internet was getting over last year’s “Tide Pod Challenge” that saw teens daring each other to eat the detergent, Procter & Gamble has come out with another edible-looking Tide product. Their new “Tide Eco-Box” just debuted, and it’s already being compared to boxed wine online. The detergent comes in a box with a spigot, with some likening the “visibly grape-flavored” liquid’s cap to a “shot glass.”

Ryan Broderick from Buzzfeed took to Twitter to roast the new product, giving one of the first glimpses into the dangers of the design. “I’ve never wanted to do anything as much as I want to chug detergent out of this Franzia box,” he wrote. “I can’t believe their solution to kids eating Tide pods was to literally put it in a box with a spigot.”

Unfortunately, the product is kind of a good idea, since it’s designed to make deliveries of the product a lot easier. But given that more than 10,000 exposures to Tide Pods were reported to Poison Control in 2017, you should probably keep your kids far away from the boxed purple detergent. Especially since a market research honcho told CNN that the packaging makes it easy for “nearly any consumer” to maneuver and dispense.

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