Disney Characters are AWESOME!

So much goes into creating Disney Magic...and it really all starts with two things: Custom Service and always having an eye on the details. Every cast member has a part in creating The Happiest Place On Earth. 

Here are just a few of the most incredible things Cast Members have been caught doing that are completely awesome...and magical!


Or that one time a cast member at Walt Disney was working in Snow White's Scary Adventure and this conversation ensued:

Guest: "Excuse me, but what's that skull there for?"

Me: *looks at skull on top of the unload console* That skull was a gift from the Evil Queen. She felt like she needed to add her aesthetic into the area!

Guest: "... So which dwarf was it?"

Me: *shifty eyes and whispers* "... The Eighth one."

Guest: *completely into the story* "What was his name?"

Me: "Gullible. He believed anything people told him... And now look what happened."

These two kids got to meet their heroes AND skip along with them at the park!



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