First Look at New "Jurassic World" Ride at Universal Studios

There's a new Jurassic World ride coming to Universal Studios, Hollywood...and HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS, because it looks SCARY. If you've been to the Hollywood Universal Studios, you might be familiar with the old Jurassic Park ride. This is a replacement for the old ride, and will feature it's own original storyline. It apparently takes place on the day Indominus Rex (from the first Jurassic World movie!) escapes. Looks scary as Hell to me, but you can bet I'd like to book a ticket to LA because I can't wait to check this out! Now only if they'd replicate this in the Orlando theme park, because I can't imagine going to Universal and NOT seeing all the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has to offer (the Orlando park has a much bigger HP attraction). The Jurassic World ride opens this Summer! Check out the trailer below:



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