Tom Cruise Drops First 'Top Gun: Maverick' Trailer At Comic Con: Watch Now

Top Gun is back!

Tom Cruise surprised fans of the 1996 film at Comic Con when he stopped by to debut the first trailer for the highly anticipated sequel. Top Gun: Maverick picks up with Cruise's character many years after the first film as he resists climbing the corporate ladder in his career. It seems like this U.S. elite fighter pilot is determined to stay in his cockpit and go on high flying missions. Sitting behind a desk just isn't Maverick's thing.

Not many details about the plot of Top Gun: Maverick are known and the trailer still keeps those pretty much under wraps. One thing we do know is that Miles Teller will be playing Maverick's new protege and he just so happens to be Goose's son. For those who may be a little fuzzy on the details of the first film, Goose was Maverick's best friend and co-pilot. His death in the original Top Gun is sure to play a big part in this long awaited sequel.

Check out the trailer here:


Photo: Paramount Pictures


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