This App is Getting Teens to Use Sunscreen

With summer practically here in Tucson, this could come in handy. A new study from JAMA Dermatology found an app that significantly increases sunscreen use in teens.

The app is called "SunFace," and it caused a 50% increase in sunscreen use among teens according to the study

The app allows you to upload selfies to show how your face can age from excessive exposure to UV light. According to UPI,

After six months, the authors saw the percentage of young people who used the app report using sunscreen increased from 15 percent to nearly 23 percent. Similarly, among app users, the percentage of young people who indicated that they performed at least one skin self-exam doubled, from 25 percent to nearly 50 percent.
In comparison, the percentage of those who did not use the app that reported regular sunscreen use remained at 15 percent, while the number that performed at least one skin self-exam stayed steady at 26 percent.

The SunFace App is availabile on the App Store or Google Play and it's FREE! Will you be trying it with your kids?