Sky Harbor Airport Will Require Face Masks Starting June 1

Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix just announced they are requiring all employees, travelers, and visitors to wear a face mask or face covering as of June 1st.

According to AZ Central,

The requirement extends to employees and anyone else entering public airport facilities including terminals, the Rental Car Center, the PHX Sky Train and airport buses. Face coverings are being required as part of the effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.
The face covering does not have to be a commercially purchased mask, according to the airport’s website. It can be a homemade cloth mask or bandanna. The main requirement is that it cover the nose and mouth of the wearer

There are some exceptions to the new policy according to the Sky Harbor Website

Exceptions to this requirement include:
Children two years of age or younger
Any child age 12 years or less unless parents and caregivers supervise the use of face coverings, or any individual who has a physical disability that prevents easily wearing or removing a face covering
Any individual who is hearing impaired and uses facial and mouth movements as part of communication, or it is necessary for communicating with an individual using facial and mouth movements to share information
Individuals consuming food or beverages
Individuals who are unable to wear a face covering due to a documented medical condition
When necessary for identification verification purposes
When necessary for taking photographs for Aviation Credentialing/Security Badging purposes

Officials also go on to say they will maintain a stringent cleaning schedule.