Woman Swallows Engagement Ring During Vivid Dream

Jenna Evans of San Diego shared quite the ordeal on Facebook recently!

She posted several pictures of her engagement ring lodged in her intestine... So how did it get there?

She swallowed it by accident. She said she was having a very vivid dream in which she and her fiance were being followed by "bad guys" and she had to swallow her ring. She got up and got a glass of water, swallowed the ring, and went back to bed.

The next morning she woke up, realized her ring wasn't on her finger, and it hit her - she wasn't dreaming, she had actually swallowed the ring!

As the ring moved through her digestive system she could feel it and it started to hurt. She showed up at the emergency room laughing at the absurdity of what she had done and crying because she was nervous about what the doctors would say.

They did a scan and decided it was best to surgically remove the ring instead of letting it pass through her system. She was put under, the ring was removed, and she was referred for a sleep study.

Here are the pictures.