SURVEY: 46% of Americans Say They Won't Be Handing Out Candy on Halloween

Nearly half of Americans are not planning on handing out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween due to concern over the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent survey conducted by ApartmentGuide.

The study found that nearly 46% of Americans want no interaction with eager visitors to their doorsteps on Oct. 31.

On the flip side, 34% of those surveyed say they'll go through with their plans normally this year despite the pandemic, while 16% said they would adjust their plans to coincidence with COVID-19 guidelines, which can include having a candy scavenger hunt and hosting a virtual costume party.

Of the 34% that plan to still celebrate the spooky holiday, 30% said they would physically open the door to give out the candy, while 24% plan to just leave a bowl outside.

According to the survey, which was conducted in August, about 35% of those who said they'd physically hand out the candy are 55 or older, which falls in the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention's age group at the highest risk of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, 29% of those giving out candy are between 18-34, while 36% are between 35-54.

Photo: Getty Images