PODCAST: Houston Women with Dana Tyson & Danielle Dubois

Do you get angry when you're hungry?! Danielle Dubois does! She is our latest guest on Dana’s Houston Women Podcast.

Danielle Dubois is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She moved to Houston seven years ago. Danielle wanted to live her best life in her new city, but couldn't find any resources of what to do here. So, she decided to do some research herself for the best restaurants, bars, and places in the Houston area. Danielle created her foodie & lifestyle Instagram called @hangryhoustonian. Now, Danielle is a well-known Houston influencer and has the best tips & tricks for exploring the city.

On this episode, Dana chats with Danielle about becoming a foodie influencer, her favorite restaurants in the city, and how there's more to her 'glamorous' lifestyle than meets the eye.

Listen or watch her interview below.

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