Rude Customer Made This Cashier Cry, Then Boss Gets Involved!

No... the customer is NOT always right! Always be nice because you never know the struggle some people are facing!

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"While he was on his way over the woman leant down to her daughter and said in a sarcastically sweet voice: “See honey? This is why you should go to college and get an education so that you don’t end up working on the register like her!”

What did she just say? My face turned bright red and tears started forming in my eyes as I muttered that I was, in fact, attending college and that this was a part-time job. At this moment, my manager arrived behind me and quietly asked the lady to repeat herself. With a smug look on her face, she repeated her comment and continued to explain that the customer is ALWAYS right and that the coupon needed to be applied.

My manager stood there for a few seconds and looked at her before taking all of her items back out of their bags. “What the hell are you doing?” she screeched. My manager calmly replied: “I won’t let you stand here and ridicule and abuse my employees. I am going to ask you to leave. We no longer wish to do business with you.” The woman looked at us dumbstruck and red in the face, as all of the customers in the line stared at her. She started to cry and threw an enormous tantrum. Her 7-year-old daughter behaved better than this grown woman!"



I couldn’t contain my tears after seeing what happens 15 seconds in.

Posted by Shared on Thursday, May 26, 2016


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