Mean Lady Screams At Child For Selling Candy Outside Target, Until A Stranger Has Had Enough!

Recently, a young boy was selling some candy outside a Target store in Rowland Heights, California.

A woman was exiting Target when she witnessed a confrontation by the doorway and she recorded the entire ordeal on her phone. 

In the video, an elderly woman approaches the children and begins loudly scolding them in front of other customers walking into the store. 

“Where is your license? Have you asked permission to be here?” she screamed. 

It's reported that the woman threatened the boy, claiming the cops are coming and he’ll be thrown in jail. 

That’s when a man named Jay Lopez approaches the woman — he has had enough of her cruelty, and he’s ready to put her in her place.

Jay proceeds to buy all $80 worth of candy. 



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