She Takes Final Photo Of Grandparents, Then Looks Closer, Sees Something That Makes Her Gasp

There are many different kinds of love, but perhaps the rarest is the one we are all searching for – the one that lasts a lifetime and does not diminish, but grows as the years march on.

Anyone who has been lucky enough to experience this type of love knows just how special it is. Just ask Lauretta Burke. She and her husband, James, were married for 64 years and their simple but beautiful love has gone on to inspire thousands.

Shortly before his passing, Colleen snapped a picture of James saying goodbye to Lauretta. It was a sweet memento of the couple’s final moments together that Colleen knew she would treasure forever.

When she looked at the picture again later, though, she noticed something about it felt familiar. That’s when she pulled out one of the couple’s wedding photos, and the similarity between the two shots took her breath away.

More than six decades together, but the love they had for each other was just as palpable then as it had been on their wedding day.


What a testament to the Burkes’ love and the legacy they left for the generations following after them. We know they will not soon be forgotten – their love will be a model for generations to come.

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