Surveillance footage captures last days of boy fed to pigs

The story of Adrian Jones is absolutely heartbreaking. For months, Adrian Jones's grandmother and multiple other people were petitioning the state to remove Adrian from his father's home. Several people called child services reporting the abuse Adrian was enduring yet somehow Adrian slipped through the cracks.

Adrian Jones made national headlines after his father and step mother fed his body to  pigs.

Police were called to Adrian's home for a domestic dispute. When they arrived, a woman who lived on the property told the officers if they looked around, they would find the remains of a child.

Officers looked and found Adrian's body in a livestock pen. Adrian lived on the property with 6 other siblings, whom were all isolated from the public because they were homeschooled.

Now, Adrian's parents are in jail yet we have access to horrific surveillance footage and home videos that document exactly what Adrian was enduring.

Warning - Graphic Video

These images are absolutely heartbreaking. Although many people tried to intervene, this should be a reminder to take whatever action necessary when you have serious concerns about a child's welfare.

So how did he slip through the cracks of CPS? Watch below.

To make things worse, Adrian's uncle also lived at the home during the 9-months Adrian was tortured, yet he did nothing.  Apparently, it's not a crime to live in a home where there is abuse if you do not participate.If you see physical signs of abuse, call the police. This beautiful child fell through the cracks. Hopefully, his story will remind people to never ignore people who are showing clear signs, they need help.



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