Funny #ElderlyBand Names

Early Tuesday morning, tweeters got to concocting imaginary band names that will be appropriate once their favorite musicians are fitted for dentures. To this end, here are 14 of the funniest #ElderlyBand names:

  1. Blink I’m 82
  2. The Grateful I’m Not Dead
  3. Earth, Wind & Fiber
  4. Three Doors Down From the Nurses’ Station
  5. Grand Papa Roach
  6. Destiny’s Grandchild
  7. Always Coldplay
  8. One Erection
  9. Gums ’n Roses
  10. Hall & Quaker Oates
  11. Electric Blanket Orchestra
  12. Panic! At the Bingo
  13. Prince & the Industrial Revolution
  14. Betty Whitesnake


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