Is Sunday The Best Night For A 1st Date?

In the age of Tinder, when most of the old-fashioned rules about dating have been thrown out the window, GQ suggests doing away with the standard Friday-night first date. "Friday's fatal flaw is this: If you're monopolizing someone's Friday night, the pressure is on to make it a really, really good first date," the magazine explains. "You're up against all the wonders that Friday night holds." Meanwhile, GQ notes, "Sunday is a very auspicious day for lovers. On Sundays, you're not competing with a million Friday-night revelers for bar stools and you're not competing with all the cool Friday-night parties your date could be at that night." And while Sunday is technically a "school night," having that curfew baked into your plans "just makes for a more chill date. We're much less likely to go beyond three drinks and cast a pall over the date with a hangover the next morning. The Sunday curfew is also an excellent excuse to dip when something is going poorly."

Sunday Is the Best Day for a First Date | GQ



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