VIRAL: Rochester's Concerned Bath Hating Dog

This is Clark....a mini-Goldendoodle. His owner Rebecca says simply: "He hates baths. He even hates when we're in the bath because he hates getting the water on him,” she said.

Clark showed concern anytime Rebecca or her fiance, Sage, were in the shower.

"It was scary the first time I saw him behind me because I wasn't expecting him to be just standing there looking at me,” she said. "He just looked so concerned, then he would walk away and bring you his green toy. Then he would drop it in the tub and get all excited."


Clark didn't want to play fetch. In fact, he got upset when they tossed his toy. Clark thought the toy would comfort them during what he deemed a stressful shower. Rebecca decided to document the moment for friends and family.

She shared her concerned pup on Twitter....and now Clark has over 600,000 likes. Rebecca says she can't believe how much joy Clark is bringing to others. 



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