VIRAL: Bully Apologizes To Her Victim 15 Yrs Later

This emotional video shared by BuzzFeed Video finds a bully finally apologizing to--and making amends with--the girl she bullied 15 years earlier. 


Before you tear the bully a new one, just remember that she did what’s right. She asked for forgiveness. By no means does this mean she is entirely forgiven for her actions as if they’d never happened, but being a rude commentator is only stooping to her level. Both women are being extremely brave. They’re both confronting their own demons.

I see two incredibly strong women in this video 1. The bully who is willing to document her confrontation of her troubling past  2. The victim who, after all this time, learned to forgive and move on. Power to those who can acknowledge their past, learn from it, and move on...

Stop Bullying on the Spot - HERE 



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