Disney Moments That Probably Messed You Up

BuzzFeed recently asked its readers to share which Disney movie moment terrified them when they were children. Here are 10 of the best responses (check out the full list at the link):

  •  When Hercules was eaten by the hydra and cut its head off from the inside in Hercules. Oh, and then it just grew a hundred more heads.
  • When Dumbo gets "drunk" and starts hallucinating giant dancing pink elephants in Dumbo.
  • When the three birds are hiding from the hunter in Bambi, only for one of them to get scared, fly off, and be shot. 
  • The sound of the approaching stampede when Simba is in the gorge in The Lion King. 
  • In The Princess and the Frog, when Dr. Facilier gets literally dragged to hell by a bunch of demons. 
  • When the Walrus eats all the happy baby oysters during "The Walrus and the Carpenter" in Alice in Wonderland. 
  • In Peter Pan, when the mermaids try to drown Wendy in the lagoon, giggling the entire time. 
  • In Aladdin, when Jafar traps Jasmine in a giant hourglass and she almost gets buried alive in the sand.
  • The scene in Pinocchio where the boys are all transformed into donkeys.
  •   When Madam Mim pulls her hair over her face and then turns into a pig in The Sword in the Stone.


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