College life on TV vs. college life in Real Life

BuzzFeed has put together a list of the biggest lies that TV shows try to sell you about college. Here are 10 of the most ridiculous (check out the full list at the link):

  1. In Gilmore Girls, Rory's dorm room is perfectly organized and decorated with fancy furniture and an entertainment system. 
  2. In Boy Meets World, Cory and Shawn follow each other from high school to college. 
  3. In Saved by the Bell: The College Years, random roommates from freshman year become lifelong BFFs. 
  4. In Boy Meets World, everyone shows up to class with a perfect outfit and doesn't look tired whatsoever. 
  5. In One Tree Hill, college professors are horrible people who sit in their offices waiting to ruin students' GPAs. 
  6. In Gilmore Girls, everyone automatically gets super mature in college. 
  7. In How to Get Away With Murder, people meet the love of their life in random classes. 
  8. In Gilmore Girls, the dining hall serves incredible gourmet food. 
  9. In Gilmore Girls, everyone spends spring break getting drunk on a beach with their friends.
  10. In One Tree Hill, everyone automatically finds a job in their desired field after graduation. 


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