Six Signs You're Drinking More Caffeine Than Your Body Can Handle

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When you need a pick-me-up, coffee can be just what you need. But this is one good thing you can definitely get too much of and these are some signs you’re overdoing it with the caffeine.

  • You get the shakes - Your heart starts beating way too fast, your fingers tremble nonstop, and you realize that incredibly uncomfortable feeling is all from drinking too much caffeine. Those jitters are all too real - get this, another name for caffeine jitters is caffeine intoxication. And it’s the result of your central nervous system freaking out.
  • You're way too hyped - Again it’s your central nervous systembeing on 10 that makes you feel overstimulated and it can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, nervousness, insomnia, breathlessness, heart palpitations, fear, an inability to relax, and not being able to sit still.
  • You have to go a lot - Because not only did you just drink multiple cups of liquid, coffee is also a diuretic, so it makes you have to go to the bathroom more than just drinking water does.
  • You're really thirsty - According to the FDA, drinking increased amounts of caffeine can lead to being dehydrated because the fluid is passing through your body more quickly and you’re not holding onto much of it.
  • You get pretty confused and disoriented - You drank the coffee to feel alert and focused, but that caffeine intoxication can do the opposite and make you feel out of it and confused.
  • You get a major crash - When you ingest caffeine, it blocks a chemical in your brain called adenosine, but when the caffeine wears off, the built-up adenosine hits you and you feel super sleepy, all at once. So enjoy your coffee, but drink wisely.

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