Cheese (And Other Foods) You Should Stop Feeding Your Dog

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How many times have you been making a sandwich in the kitchen when your dog comes in and begs for a bite? Most pet owners know this scene all too well. And most of us have given in and let our four-legged baby sneak a nibble or two of cheese, but it turns out we really shouldn’t.

Veterinarian Dr. Danielle Bernal says dairy foods are one of the most common allergies in dogs. Cheese could also upset their digestive system, giving them an upset stomach. And she says the high calorie snack just isn’t a healthy choice for dogs, since 59% of them are overweight or obese.

Dogs need to eat a balanced diet, including a protein-rich meat-based dog food with healthy fats from a trusted brand. If you do want to feed your pooch some people food, they’ll benefit from eating fiber-, mineral-, and moisture-rich fruits and veggies.

•Don’t feed your dog: avocado, grapes, almonds, popcorn, peanuts, or cheese.

•Foods you can feed your dog: bananas, apples, eggs, oranges, carrots, tomatoes, pineapple, watermelon, broccoli, cantaloupe, potatoes, shrimp, strawberries, and blueberries.

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