Woman Runs Off With Winning Lottery Ticket After Agreeing To Split w/Friend

Photo Credit: Getty Images

I guess you CAN put a price on friendship.

A woman named Mandy Vanhouten works as a waitress in Stuttgart, Arkansas.  Her best friend, Leslie Underwood, also works there.

Well...last week, their boss gave them each five lottery scratchers for Christmas.  According to Leslie, he said that whatever they won they'd split as their Christmas bonus.

And when Mandy scratched off one of her tickets, she won the grand prize:  $300,000.  She and Leslie were THRILLED and they agreed they'd cash it in after New Year's.

At least...Leslie agreed to that plan.  Mandy had other ideas, and she went to cash in the ticket herself.  Now she's not showing up at work and not returning Leslie's calls.

Leslie says she's planning on taking legal action if Mandy doesn't give her half of the money, but it could be tough...since Mandy is the only one who signed the back of the ticket and there's really no proof of their agreement to split it. 

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