Listen for Tom Hanks "Selling Peanuts" During Oakland A's Games

Tom Hanks is reprising one of his first roles – as a peanut vendor for the Oakland A’s! Next time you catch one of the California baseball team’s fan-less games, keep your ears open for the Oscar-winning actor’s voice in the crowd.

Since fans can fill the stadium’s seats due to coronavirus, they’re being replaced with cardboard cutouts, and some "crowd noise" recordings. Hanks, a California native and former Oakland Coliseum vendor, will have his voice mixed in with the crowd noise during the virtual games.

You’ll be able to hear Hanks in the “crowd” adding some much-needed baseball atmosphere, yelling out, “it’s not a ballgame without a hot dog! Colossal hot dogs!” The Oakland A’s have shared a funny clip of Hanks’ appearance, using his high school photo as the face of the hotdog vendor.