Meet the Loser of the Month.....

This upstanding citizen is 29-year-old Kevin Simpson.  I nominate him for Loser of the Week.

Actually, since it's the final day of March, let's give him the Loser of the Month Award.

What did fine Mr. Simpson with the beautiful smirk on his face do to deserve such recognition?

He allegedly stole a car in Rochester, which is probably warranted since no one wants to walk in the rain, right?

That was the start of his odyssey on Thursday, March 30, 2017.  Apparently stealing one car wasn't good enough for the former law abiding citizen.  He allegedly dumped stolen car one at a gas station on Buffalo Rd. in Gates, NY where he allegedly jumped into a different car with a running engine.  Problem was, this vehicle also was not owned by Kevin Simpson, he of the smiling face above.

Off he went in someone else's car, until being discovered in Henrietta, NY.  Instead of giving up when the smarter Monroe Co. Sheriffs Deputy politely asked him to stop, Simpson (no relation to a former Buffalo football player-turned-criminal) decided to start his own chase, not in a Ford Bronco.   Enjoying his freedom from abiding by laws of society, this criminal Simpson allegedly struck the underpaid, over worked Deputy and his marked police car.

Instead of apologizing to the police official, he allegedly ran away.  But cops don't forget such stupidity.  So, rightly, they hunted down the evader. And like every coward, he was caught in a closet, where losers and cowards hide from authority.

By the way, don't you love how lawyers make us use the term "allegedly" to protect peeps like this fine specimen?

Poor Kevin Simpson now sits in the Monroe Co. Jail, where I've never resided.  I'm guessing he's dry in there on a rainy day, and he'll be treated well. With three nice meals per day. Served by cops who do their job like the Deputy who Simpson tried to run over Thursday.  

Great news: the Deputy went home to his family safely.  More good news to end a soggy week: Simpson hopefully will have plenty of time to think over his adventurous day Thursday when he messed with regular people who work hard to pay for the use of their vehicles while losers like Simpson feel free to steal from them.  And then brazenly try to hurt a cop.  And hide in a closet like a little baby, which our Loser of the Month is, allegedly.

I hope there is a strong minded Judge amongst us who won't look at Mr. Simpson as a victim of society, or just a guy who made a bad decision (or 8) on a bad day.  Because this smirking guy could have killed a few people Thursday.  I hope he's proud to be awarded the Loser of the Month Award.

The Mayor Pete Kennedy

The Mayor Pete Kennedy

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