Happy Halloween. We hate candy corn! Sorry.

Happy Halloween. It's the day we celebrate sugar and everything nice in the world. Namely: candy.  Load up and swallow happily.

Naming your favorite sweet is subjective.  You may enjoy a Butterfinger, or Hershey bar.  I'll take M&M's any day, especially on Halloween if you offer.  

I better stipulate that better.  I like plain M&M's, no peanuts please.  Just the simple milk chocolate M&M brings me joy.  If you want a peanut, have an Almond Joy.  But please don't have that waiting at your door for me tonight.

If I come to your door -- well that would be strange, right?  After all, I am an adult (most of the time, just ask my wife Angela).

Grown adults should not be out on the street trick-or-treating, unless they are supervising their children, of course.  I out grew the dress up phase of Halloween a long time ago.  I do not begrudge you if you put on a costume at work today, or for an adult party, or to entertain your kids, or even the trick-or-treaters at your door this evening.  I pass on the costume stage at this point in my life.

I'm not trying to ruin Halloween.  It's a fun, festive time that reminds me of growing up in Canandaigua, hitting the streets in search of the elusive bag of M&M's, hoping it would not be a bag of peanuts.  Just plain M&M's, not peanut, thank you. A simple pleasure in life.

Just don't serve me -- or any kid for that matter -- candy corn.  I HATE candy corn, probably like your dentist does.  It's a waste of sugar and cavities.  Keep that junk away from me.

Turns out Scott Van Pelt of ESPN agrees with me.  SVP (as he's known to sports fans) went on a diatribe about the sticky waste of the word candy.  If I want corn, I'll go to Wegmans or a local farmer and get a real cob of corn.  Don't package it as candy, when it isn't.  It's made of corn syrup, so I guess legally you can call it "corn", but it ain't good candy!

Proof?  Join the candy corn hater brigade with SVP here........and have a safe, Happy Halloween.  And good luck to your kids -- and you -- when you dump the bag of candy on the floor tonight to see what treats have come your way!     

The Mayor Pete Kennedy

The Mayor Pete Kennedy

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