Pauly and Pat's Toy Hall of Fame Picks

The Strong National Museum of Play is home to the National Toy Hall of Fame. Every year they nominate new toys to enter the Hall of Fame, and this year there are 12 finalists: 

Care Bears 

Coloring book 

Fisher Price Corn Popper 


Magic the Gathering

Masters of the Universe 

Matchbox Cars 

My Little Pony

Nerf Blaster


The Smartphone 

The top

3 of these will be voted in by National Selection Advisory Committee. 3 more will be voted in by YOU! You have until September 18th to vote, which you can do here:

We had out Toy Hall of Fame draft, were we selected 3 each.

Pauly's picks are:

  1. The Coloring Book
  2. Jenga
  3. Nerf Blaster

Pat;s Picks are:

  1. The Smartphone
  2. Matchbox Cars
  3. Care Bears



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