Firefighter Saves Man's Life at Football Game - The Good Stuff

At the big SU game Saturday a firefighter saved the life of a man having a heart attack. Greg Popps is the President of the Fairmount Fire Department. He saw the man losing consciousness and immediately gave him CPR. Because of his quick-thinking, the man is OK today. More here: and below!


A Woman got her Lost Wallet back In the Mail From a total Stranger. Aimee Scott lost her wallet in a cab while on vacation in Las Vegas. Jen McAnally found it, and made it her mission to get it back to Aimee, who is very grateful. She says getting it back is “proof good humans exist and are out there.” More below:


While trying to text a family whose son was in the ICU, Abby Fink accidentally texted a wrong number. She reached a man named Bill, who asked how he could help the stranger. Now Bill has been getting his social network to help with blood donations, cards, and money for medical expenses for this little boy he’s never met.

More here: CNN

We want to thank everyone that joined us this weekend at 2 great Walks. First the March on for Brain injury walk at Seneca Park Saturday. Shoutout to Lillie and her family her were honored. Also the Autism Speaks walk at Frontier field. Both earned around $100,00 each for their cause!


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