7 Signs That Your House is Haunted

Seven Signs Your House Could Be Haunted, According to Paranormal Experts

  1. Mysterious sights and sounds - Ghost Hunters Say Chances are the ghost is trying to give you a message, not scare you.
  2. Ectoplasm - Yes, the goopy stuff from Ghostbusters. Ghost hunters say it’s rare but definitely is a sign your house is haunted.
  3. Feeling watched - People who live in genuine haunted houses do report a lot of this. Bad vibes are a telling sign.
  4. Inexplicable movement - Unless you life in a draft house things shouldn’t move on their own. Ghost hunters say they’ve seen things, like books thrown across the room.
  5. Personality change - Ghost hunters say if someone you know is acting extremely strange all of a sudden, they might be possessed by a ghost!
  6. Previous homeowners - If you suspect you might have a haunted house on your hands, you should probably dig into the history of your property. Psychics say people cling to their homes even in death.
  7. Physical and emotional disorientation - like a horcrux in the Harry Potter series, a haunting can have a terrible effect on your mood and even your physical state. It can leave you feeling angry or weak.

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