Foods That are Actually Fake

Wegmans is being sued for food fraud. 2 people are suing because they say Wegmans’ vanilla ice cream doesn’t actually contain any real vanilla. Wegmans says they follow industry standards and have done nothing wrong.

Now, it's still TBD if there is or isn't vanilla in their ice cream, but one thing is for sure: lots of food is actually fake. In fact, it's kind of shocking.

Delish did a article called "14 Foods You Eat Every Day That Aren't What You Think They Are" and here are 4 of them from the list...

Extra-virgin olive oil - "Instead of using the pure stuff, loaded with healthy fats, they're often diluted with cheaper oils like peanut and soybean—which is super problematic because both can cause severe allergic reactions."

Parmesan cheese - " A 2016 FDA study that found that products marked in the US as "100 precent Parmesan" are often cut with cheaper cheese, or even wood pulp. "

Honey - "There are no standards right now determining what does and doesn't actually qualify as "honey." "

Coffee - "Contemporary researchers have found twigs, roasted corn, ground roasted barley, and even roasted ground parchment. It's safer to just suck it up and buy a coffee grinder so you can get the beans instead."

Full article here:

Oh, and BTW,. one of Pat's favorite shows is "Adam Ruins Everything" on truTV. Below he explains the awful truth about Salmon...



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